Wife demands maintenance after husband moves in with late brother’s wife

Tuesday, 21 February 2017  Radio Dialogue

BULAWAYO - A man has been dragged to court by his wife for failing to support their children after he left them to move in with his deceased brother’s wife.

The accused, Timson Moyo, from Makokoba Suburb, appeared before Bulawayo magistrate, Tinashe Tashaya, for neglecting his wife and children.

The complainant, Nomalanga Mabuza, said she had to take her husband to maintenance court because he stopped supporting his children but instead was prioritising his deceased brother’s wife.

“He has taken his deceased brother’s wife made her his own and now he is neglecting his own family. He has stopped honouring his responsibilities, does not take care his children and now they are now suffering yet their father is still alive,” she said.

Mabuza claimed her husband was even taking steps to formalise the relationship with his deceased brother’s wife.

“Even the elders of the family now know that he is in love with her. He also told the family that he can not let anyone or a stranger inherit his brother’s wealth therefore it would be better for him to step up and marry her,” she said.

The complainant said when her husband was off from work, he usually went to Plumtree where his late brother’s wife resided.

“Instead of spending time with us-  his family, he preferred travelling to Plumtree to be with his late brother’s wife,” said Mabuza, addng that her husband had even threatened her for taking him to maintenance court.

“He threatened to to beat me for reporting him at the maintenance court. He wants me move out of our house so that he can move in with her,” she claimed.

In his defense, Moyo, said he visits  his deceased brother’s wife to assist her re-stock her tuck shop.

The magistrate ruled that Moyo’s wife and children were supposed to receive three quarters of his salary.

“Why are you proposing to pay $100, what about the rest of your salary? Do  you want to spend the rest with your deceased brother’s wife? Your children must take half of your salary, your wife is eligible for one share while you remain with your own one share that you can spend it how ever you like,” said Tashaya.

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