Sports ministry encourages athletes to train

Thursday, 23 February 2017  Radio Dialogue

BULAWAYO - The Ministry of Sport and Recreation has encouraged athletes to be health conscious and keep exercising for them to be able to qualify and contest for silverware in international tournaments.

Speaking during the sports workshop for journalists, Minister of Sport and Recreation Makhosini Hlongwane said athletes should consistently train even on spare time to avoid heart diseases and enhance performances.

Minister Hlongwane noted there was a high disease induced drop out rate in most sporting disciplines in the country.

“We need to give them the support they need as a ministry for Zimbabwe to be always on the top in terms of sports and be able to qualify in international tournaments,” said Hlongwane.

He said in the programming cluster they came up with a program called Zimbabwe National Fitness and Wellness for a development in the sports and recreation sector.

“Someone’s health is very important in sports as it is one determining one’s performance therefore exercising will take a good care of many diseases especially your heart,” Minister Hlongwane said.

He said the fitness programming they have come up with, once they begin to implement that, it should find every Zimbabwean part of some sports and recreation programming regardless of one’s beliefs.

“According to World Health Organisation (WHO), 30 percent of the global population relatively to our population die as a result of non-communicable diseases due to lack of exercises,” said Hlongwane.

“Where they say people must be driving to work, we are encouraging people to cycle to work and when they say people must cycle to work, we say people must walk to work because this is the kind of physical fitness and exercise human beings go through.”

He said it is not a good thing to get home, sit watch television until 11 pm and there is no form of physical activity, and hence should engage in some form of exercise.

According to WHO, in 2012, the diseases killed 38 million people, of whom 80 percent were from developing countries, including those in Africa. About half of these people died prematurely before the age of 70.

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