Mugabe Dimisses Mujuru, Grand Coalition Threat

Thursday, 23 February 2017  Radio VOP

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe says the planned move by former Vice President Joice Mujuru to form a coalition with the MDC-T would be the final blow to the ZimPF leader’s political career.  

Mujuru was Mugabe’s deputy both in both government and Zanu PF for a decade before she was shown the exit on unproven allegations of planning to topple the veteran leader.

Following her dismissal from Zanu PF, Mujuru last year joined forces with other expelled members from the ruling party and went on to form ZimPF, a party which could find itself in a coalition with the Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC.

ZimPF has since been rocked by internal divisions, believed to be stemming from her interest to steer the fledgling party towards a loose merger with Mugabe’s long time rival, Tsvangirai, among many other differences.

In an interview on his 93rd birthday, President Mugabe described the intended move by his former deputy as an ill timed move which will be a final blow to her political career.

“If they believe a coalition can save them, why dilly dally about it,” Mugabe said.

“Now with Mai Mujuru apparently divorced, left in that situation in which she appears to be without anyone else who matters politically. Tsvangirai will say ‘you are only an individual and I have a party, and my party cannot have a coalition with an individual. If you want to join, you will do so under me.

“I don’t know, she might have to do that to save her political skin but that will be a final blow to her political life.” 

Mugabe went on to dismiss speculation that his Zanu PF was the cause of the splits within the political parties but instead blamed poor strategy and policies among the opposition parties in the country.

“Where have we infiltrated them? Infiltration is an act of getting your people clandestinely into their organisations. Infiltrate MDC-T for what? We haven’t done such thing. It’s failures on their part; complete failures and quarrels within them.

“They are not as organised as ourselves as our party, no definite principles guiding them.

"Why don’t they talk about industries, policies they envisage, mining, industry, agriculture, utilities, infrastructure? The policies they have in these areas of the sectors of our economy, they have nothing.”

President Mugabe said he was not losing sleep over the planned grand coalition among his opponents, insisting the country had no opposition capable of upstaging his party.

“There is duplicity like you have in MDC, you have MDC-T. You have MDC Welshman, then in Zimbabwe People First we have Mai Mujuru, then we have Zimbabwe People First which belongs to Mutasa and Gumbo, we do not have a political opposition. There is no opposition at all.

“A grand coalition, I don’t know. My teacher even when I was in Grade One told me if you add two zeros they won’t add up to 2, even if they are 10, they amount to a huge pile of zeros. So we are not afraid (of grand coalition) if by any chance, it’s going to come into existence,” Mugabe said.

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