ZimPF Lays Into "Deranged" Grace

Thursday, 23 February 2017  Radio VOP

HARARE – Joice Mujuru’s ZimPF party has hit back at President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace for her recent public rants against the ex-Vice President, describing her as deranged and needing psychiatric treatment.

Grace also questioned Mujuru’s leadership qualities during her rally in Buhera Friday.

ZimPF is up in arms with Grace for her attacks against its leader which it says were laden with sexual innuendos against the widowed politician.

Grace, in her diatribe against Mugabe’s former deputy for 10 years, told her enthralled crowd, which included primary school children that a “Queen Bee” always mates in the open with several male bees.

This insinuated Mujuru was sexually involved with her former male colleagues she fired from ZimPF two weeks ago.

“Let me tell you ladies, if anyone calls you Queen Bee be angry. Queen Bee is that bee which mates with almost every male in the beehive,” she said.

Grace further accused Mujuru of incompetence and threatened to expose her alleged corrupt activities during her time as government minister and vice president of Zimbabwe.

“People thought I was lying when I said she was incompetent. Now you see for yourself. She was fired for incompetence. We know she is claiming to have resigned but it is not true. Some of us saw the letter, she was fired.”

Although Mujuru has not personally responded to the tirade, ZimPF spokesperson Jealous Mawarire took it with Grace, charging that his party had long suspected her to have mental challenges.

“We are aware that the First Lady has some challenges, which appear to be mental and we sympathise with her every time signs of this cognitive disturbance manifests itself,” said Mawarire.

“Rather than take the words she utters seriously we chose to address the problem that is affecting her through prayer. We pray that God heals her and brings her to normalcy so that she can become a helpful and productive member of our Godly society.”

Dinizulu Machaphulani, a political analyst, believes the fear factor of Mujuru haunts Zanu PF ahead of 2018 polls hence Grace’s foul language against her.

“There is also a collapse of female solidarity. Grace speaks as a male persona not a fellow woman, who might soon be widowed, check her sexist language. Zimbabwe is a patriarchal state in a word and Grace is a stateswoman in a degenerated state where vulgarity has been given respectability.”

Reward Mushayabasa, a political analyst and former journalism lecturer, added his voice on the issue described Grace’s use of coarse language as a sign she lacks grit to be a statesperson.

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