TRANSPARENCY International Zimbabwe to tackle corruption in food aid distribution

Tuesday, 28 February 2017  Radio Dialogue

BULAWAYO - Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) has launched a bid to enhance transparency and accountability in food aid distribution following allegations of corruption in the scheme.

TIZ have since scheduled a workshop seeking to reduce community conflicts and creating transparency when dealing with issues to do with food aid.

The move comes after realising that there was no transparency in food aid, setting it on the centre of debate among communities across the country.

In a statement TIZ says political parties use food aid to further their political agendas.

“Food aid has been mused as an avenue for political machinations because of its structures that are not transparent. Government policy has not stringent enough to monitor any irregularities,” reads the statement.

According to TIZ that there are no established mechanisms of reporting corruption in communities.

“There are no known community complaint mechanisms that identify and report any form of irregularities.”

TIZ said some of the conflicts surrounding food aid are caused by lack of information.

“Stakeholders such as councillors, Members of Parliament (MPs), village heads and also members of the Ministry of Public and Social Welfare do not fully understand the key objectives of these initiatives.

“Lack of information especially amongst the stakeholders distorts information amongst the community members and in some instances contribute to underlying conflicts,” reads the statement.

The workshop, set for Friday between 2 and 5pm at Bulawayo Club seeks to grant stakeholders in Bulawayo a platform to generate broader dialogue and solutions surrounding food aid.

“It is in this context that TIZ intends to create a platform for key stakeholders in Bulawayo to unpack the context of food aid.

“The forum seeks to discuss the aspects of food aid through anti-corruption lens and therefore generate dialogue and where possible find solutions together with stakeholders such as NGO’s, government officials, member of Civil Society Organisations, MPs and Councillors.”

TIZ said they aim to increase understanding and appreciation o the food aid initiatives in Zimbabwe and develop recommendations to government and humanitarian organisations on best practices on food aid planning and distribution.

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