Radio Dialogue trains female broadcasters

Friday, 10 March 2017  Radio Dialogue

BULAWAYO - In-line with the women empowerment drive, Bulawayo’s community radio station, Radio Dialogue will train 17 women in broadcasting as part of efforts to give them a voice through radio.

Radio Dialogue welcomed the prospective students during Tuesday’s International Women’s Day with the acting director Sharon Sithole saying the aim of the project is to enhance the capacity of ordinary community women in broadcasting.

“Our goal is to enhance the capacity of ordinary community women of various ages in all aspects community radio broadcasting so that their voices, active participation and developmental needs are promoted,” said Sithole.

She said the rationale is to empower female community radio broadcasters through their direct involvement in radio production and presentation.

“We are glad to be doing this at a time when the woman is being recognised internationally. Our hope is to integrate gender sensitive programming within Radio Dialogue using female community based volunteers.

“We anticipate fostering women’s participation in community radio production through capacity building and mentoring,” Sithole said.

She said Radio Dialogue was taking a bold step and committed to make the project bigger in future.

“It s the first time we are doing this as Radio Dialogue and I am sure it might be your first time that some of you are doing this. Just being bold to say today I am taking that step.

“We have sort of taken it literally that we want to be bold for change.”

The acting director said the community radio station has been doing radio programs for such a long time, for so many years but there was an important section or segment of people that have been left out, the women.

“There are certain issues that men can not understand that a women can tackle differently. Women have that 360 degree advantage position to see things differently,” said Sithole.

For more than a decade in existence, Radio Dialogue has played a transformative role in promoting citizen participation and access to information to citizens in Bulawayo and Zimbabwe at large.

As a Bulawayo community radio, the organisation has been instrumental in promoting access to various social groups through a multi-faceted approach.

To avert the stringent operational environment and government’s reluctance to license community radios, Radio Dialogue took advantage of continued technological developments to set up an interactive website and social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter.

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