Mujuru Denies Multiple Farm Ownership, Diamond Claims

Tuesday, 14 March 2017  Radio VOP

HARARE – Embattled National People’s Party interim leader, Joice Mujuru has accused Zanu PF of forcibly taking two of her three farms and further dispelling rumours that she owns diamond fields in the diamond rich Chiadzwa.

The former Vice President and her late husband Retired army chief Solomon Mujuru reportedly owned tracts of land in the diamond rich Chiadzwa area in Manicaland.

The state media went on to link Mujuru to an estate worth over $8 billion.

However, in a startling revelation on the Stephen Sackur hosted HARDTalk on BBC, Mujuru confessed to having owned three farms at one time.

“I only have one farm which I inherited and am prepared to repay all costs to Guy (Guy Watson Smith the previous owner of the Ruzambo farm).

“I have never acquired a farm and in fact I lost two farms in Shamva,” said Mujuru who was recently in the United Kingdom.

Mujuru went on to argue that the farm she is living in was her only biggest immovable asset.

She dismissed as “jokes”, claims her husband owned multiple diamond claims in Marange.

“Those were jokes played on my husband by villagers, even Cabinet investigated the matter and realised that they were just jokes,” said Mujuru.

Mujuru was asked if she had capacity to restore Zimbabwe to its glory days considering that she was part of the country’s documented failure.

“Yes, I have to be associated with the failure as I was in government but all the time I was never in office but with the people, helping each other on policies to improve their livelihoods.

“I can only be considered part of the failure by association as I was never physically involved and was considered a liberal,” she said.

Mujuru argued that if she indeed was corrupt as he (Sackur) was suggesting, the Zimbabwean people would have taken her to court as they knew where to find her.

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