“Women have special needs,” – Gender Minister

Wednesday, 29 March 2017  Radio Dialogue

BULAWAYO - MINISTER of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Nyasha Chikwinya says women at Sipepa Transit Camp need sanitary wear amid revelations that items such as food and clothing have been the prominent donations received by the Tsholotsho flood victims so far.

Speaking during a donation of dignity kits by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to the victims, Chikwinya said women at the camp have special needs other than food and shelter.

“We were touched when we heard that the camp is having more women than men but no organisation has donated special needs of a woman such as sanitary pads,” said Chikwinya.

The UNFPA donated 450 dignity kits which consisted of toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary pads, soaps, towels, female underwear and wrap cloths to the Tsholotsho flood victims.

She said women at the camp have the right to sanitary wear and as such were the most affected than men at the camp.

“Many organisations have been coming here with food leaving sanitary pads because they don’t know women have got special needs as compared to men,” said Chikwinya.

“I came here with my friends who understand a woman, who know the special needs of women.”

She also applauded organisations that helped the flood victims so far.

“I would like to thank all organisations who are playing important roles in helping our people in hard times,” she said.

UNFPA Assistant Representative Abbigail Musemburi emphasised the need for hygienic practices among women.

“We thought women’s needs were being left out by many organisations and we came up with items that will make them look pretty together with their babies,” said Musembiri.

One of the Tsholotsho flood victims Thalitha Zulu said they are appealing to people and organisations to assist them with kitchen utensils and pots.

“Organisations have given us food but we have no cooking pots, we are sharing same pots with many families,” said Zulu.

Zulu also raised concern about overcrowding at the camp which she said poses a great risk of a diarrhea outbreak.

“Our Children are suffering from diarrhea since we are overcrowded and sharing few toilets,” said Zulu.

Recently, the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) donated stationary, mealie meal, beans, sanitary pads and toiletries to Tsholotsho flood victims.

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