EMA applauds environmental improvements in Plumtree

Thursday, 30 March 2017  Radio Dialogue

BULAWAYO - The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has applauded health clubs in Plumtree for taking a stand to improve hygiene and sanitation in the border town.

EMA Matebeleland South Provincial environmental education and publicity officer Thembokuhle Moyo said these clubs are making a huge difference in Plumtree town in terms of health, hygiene and sanitation improvement.

Speaking during a belated environment day in Plumtree, she said clubs in the town are engaged in various activities to ensure sanitation in the town.

“Plumtree health clubs are contributing quite a lot in assisting the community and assisting the town council in keeping the town clean you can see that the health clubs are engaged in doing cleanup campaigns,” Moyo said.

She said youths in the town are also partaking in various programmes to raise awareness on environment conservation and making life more sustainable for the planet.

“The youths are engaged in outreach programs where they are doing their awareness campaigns with the residents and communities.”

She said these community clubs are recycling waste and turning it to usable products that a community can earn a living from.

“They are also doing recycling by taking waste material and turning it to something usable and earn a living out of it,” said Moyo.

She commended the commitment of the community  in environment management and encouraged the spirit continue.

“That is great work that we are encouraging as EMA and we hope to see that spirit maintained and the level they are in now is improving to such a level where we sort out waste at residential level so that we recycle it and re use it.”

EMA is a statutory body responsible for ensuring the sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation, the preparation of Environmental Plans for the management and protection of the environment.

It was established under the Environmental Management Act [Chapter 20:27] and enacted in 2002.

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