53km of City roads set for rehab-BCC

Thursday, 30 March 2017  Radio Dialogue

BULAWAYO - The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) is set to rehabilitate 53km of the city’s roads this year as a move meant to prevent further deterioration of roads which are still in a fair condition.

In a public notice released recently, the council said it will be rehabilitating city’s roads in 2017 coupled with routine maintenance activities.

According to the council, the Town Clerk, Mr Christopher Dube highlighted that the condition of the city’s surfaced road network continued to deteriorate due to ageing and lack of timely maintenance activities such as reconstructions,reseals and slurry seals, crack sealing, shoulder and edge repairs and premix overlays.

“The city will be carrying out 3.1 km reconstruction, 16.1 km reseals, 4.7 km overlays and 30 km regraveling. Council will also endeavor to increase the ares covered in the routine maintenance activities, namely pothole patching, drains cleaning, canal and streams cleaning and regrading,” said the council.

“Council’s proposed road network plan for 2017 focuses on preventing further deterioration of roads in fair condition.Activities that council will focus on are resealing, slurry and crack sealing,” the council said.

Council said attention had been given to roads leading to the CBD while some of the roads had not been attended to due to financial constraints.

“Presently,Council has concentrated its maintenance programs on public transport routes,arterial and collector roads, roads leading to institutions and the CBD ,while bulk of the network especially local streets cannot be attended to due to financial constraints and continue to suffer from unabated condition decline,” the council said.

The council said it is looking for funding to address the road challenges in the city.

“It is council’s wish to find the required funding to address the roads challenges and various efforts are being made to acquire the capital funding for the projects and some of these includes the recent adoption by the council of the “Adopt a Road” scheme for stakeholders,” the council said.

“Council has plans to adopt the latest technologies in our activities like thermoplastic paint and milling, funds permitting, and we will continue to engage and lobby the government for more funding through ZINARA,” said the council.

Reports say about 70 percent of the city’s road network is in poor condition and about 70 million per year is needed to bring these to a better state which equates to about 700 million in ten years.

Last year the city council received close to a million dollars from Zinara for the rehabilitation of roads in Bulawayo.

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