Tyson Now History, Should Consider Full-Time Farming - Dinha

Monday, 24 April 2017  Radio VOP

HARARE – Mashonaland Central provincial affairs minister Martin Dinha says embattled Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere was best advised to abandon his post and consider full time farming as his political fate was as good as sealed.

Kasukuwere is in the eye of the storm for allegedly creating parallel structures within the party, something which rivals say was in preparation of a chance extra-ordinary Zanu PF congress to unseat President Robert Mugabe.

The under-fire local government minister has vowed to stay put and instead accuses rivals of similar offences.

Party provincial structures have since been railroaded to issue no-confidence votes against the businessman.

Dinha told State media Kasukuwere should consider relinquishing his post for possible external redeployment or simply concentrate on his thriving farming business.

“My brother-in-law Tyson (Kasukuwere) must take my advice kindly. I am aware he is taking the matter personally, peddling lies and making false allegations but I advise him to pack his bags as political commissar and minister," he said.

Dinha accused Kasukwere and his G40 faction within Zanu PF of creating parallel party structures to unseat President Mugabe while also deviding the party leadership and war veterans.

The advocate also said he was once approached by the faction which promised him a post as justice minister in a post-Mugabe era but he turned down the offer.

“I know there is only one appointing authority, who is President Mugabe, not Tyson. Clearly, I am not a factionalist or secessionist like him. Kasukuwere survives on deceiving the President and the First Lady. He abrogated himself the title of guardian angel of the President yet we are aware that he covets the post of President,” Dinha said.

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