Moyo Savages Mugabe 'Obedient Son' Mpofu

Tuesday, 25 April 2017  Radio VOP

HARARE - Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo has launched a savage attack on his cabinet colleague Obert Mpofu, accusing the latter of playing holy and yet he was a corrupt politician who thought he had become King Lobengula in Matebeleland region.

This comes after Mpofu, also a Zanu PF politburo member, had sought to censure him for using social media to air personal and party issues as was discouraged by President Robert Mugabe last year.

Mpofu also accused Moyo of involvement in an alleged plot to oust President Mugabe by Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and allies.

The Investment Promotion minister, who was addressing a provincial coordinating committee meeting in Lupane on Sunday, also took a swipe at Moyo for downplaying the success of President Mugabe’s Command Agriculture programme.

But Moyo, in a Monday statement, came guns blazing, accusing Mpofu of being “an opportunist aiming to impress successionist interests in the hope of securing a position in their treacherous ranks”.

“Obert Mpofu’s claim to be the obedient son, used to cover up his greedy exploits, has never fooled anyone,” Moyo said in reference to a statement once written by Mpofu as he signed off a letter he had written to President Mugabe.

“Mpofu abused PCC, as he so often does, in mistaken belief that just because he has a big body, he should throw his weight around....”

The Lupane PCC meeting was called to determine Kasukuwere’s fate.

The local government minister’s expulsion from the helm of the party’s commissariat has already been confirmed by Zanu PF’s10 provinces.

Kasukuwere is also being accused of undermining the First Lady Grace Mugabe, accusations he all denies.

Moyo distanced his Zanu PF ally from the charges which he described as “wickedly preposterous and hogwash”.

The Tsholotsho North legislator also accused Mpofu of regurgitating what he insists were claims by the State media that he had dismissed Command Agriculture.

“It's a pity that Obert Mpofu apparently believes that a policy is a Government programme only when it is claimed by successionists who distort or misrepresent it for purposes of grabbing power,” Moyo said.

“Many in Matabeleland North, and indeed across the country, know why Obert Mpofu has remained stone silent when the likes of Headman Moyo and other rogue war veterans have insulted President Mugabe. It's because birds of the same feather flock together, even in silence. Obert Mpofu's claim to be the obedient son, used to cover up his greedy exploits, has never fooled anyone.

“I for one will not allow Obert Mpofu to impersonate King Lobhengula, pretending to be Matabeleland North's centre of power. Zanu PF has one centre of power across the country and that centre of power is President Mugabe, my appointing authority to whom I report directly, not via Obert Mpofu or anyone else for that matter. 

“Obert Mpofu is a colleague in the Politburo, and not my boss. If he does not respect this fact, he must prepare for the consequences.”

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