Gutu Homestead Razed Down In Nasty Divorce Dispute

Friday, 05 May 2017  CHANNELZIM

GUTU - A whole homestead in Hwicho village under Headman Gadzingo in Gutu was recently destroyed in an acrimonious divorce wrangle pitting a scorned woman and her brother on one hand, and her annoyed husband on the other.

Angelina Mangava, wife to Damascus Chibhachi, and her brother Simon Mangava allegedly decided to completely destroy the home to punish Chibhachi who had filed for divorce alleging that Angelina was cheating on him.

Angelina, however, disputed the adultery allegations before Chief Gutu's court which ruled in her favour and ordered Chibhachi not to evict his wife from home.

A determined Chibhachi, however, went on to apply for a peace order against Angelina after which he applied for an eviction order at Gutu Magistrates Court which ordered him and Angelina to bring three and two witnesses respectively.

It all started when Chibhachi called his brother-in-law Mangava instructing him to come and take his sister Angela whom she said was having an extra-marital affair. The matter was referred to Village Hwicho's court but Chibhachi refused to appear before the village head.

"I then told Chibhachi that he was aware of the traditional proceedings which he had to follow if he wanted to divorce my sister. However, nothing happened and the next thing that I heard was that my sister had been evicted from her homestead.

"I reported the matter to the police at Gutu and they were all told, the village head included, to follow the proper procedures," Simon told TellZim News.

In the Gutu Magistrates Court, Simon claimed that Chibhachi had been away for at least 10 years and he had personally built all the structures at the homestead for his sister.  He said in the event that his sister was divorced, he would be forced to take away all the building material which he had donated.

The home was later completely destroyed and Chibhachi was left with nothing to call home. - TellZim

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