MDC, ZAPU alliance not decided on presidential candidate

Tuesday, 09 July 2013  Radio Dialogue

The two leaders of the newly formed alliance between MDC and ZAPU are not decided on the preferred presidential candidate ahead of the July 31 polls.

The two parties last Thursday forged a political alliance that will see them working together ahead of the July 31 elections and beyond.

Addressing a ZAPU rally at Stanley Square, Makokoba on Saturday, party president Dumiso Dabengwa revealed that a section of his party members are against him stepping down and allowing Professor Welshman Ncube to lead the alliance.

"On the issue of us (alliance) coming up with one candidate, we had dialogue and even consulted some of you, some of you resisted that I stand down and let Ncube lead the alliance because you felt I would have left you in the cold," said Dabengwa

"We then agreed to continue with our dialogue. It seems the wishes of the people is that I continue as the co-leader although I was willing to stand down."

Professor Welshman Ncube made a brief stop over at the ZAPU rally where he delivered a solidarity message and assured ZAPU supporters that they will receive full support from MDC.

The rally also saw the launch of the party manifesto which is anchored on devolution of power, land policy, poverty eradication and job creation.

Dabengwa took a swipe at people who dismissed his party as insignificant and a dying party.

"People are saying ZAPU is not visible, has no policies but our manifesto says it all. ZAPU out of government with no Members of Parliament and allegedly with no resources managed to implant just about the most revolutionary changes to the new constitution, devolution of power and proportional representation although the GNU diluted some of the issues," said Dabengwa.

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